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Pool Tables For Sale in Dayton / Ohio

Browse current listings of billiard tables for sale and contact us to move or install your pool table correctly.

If you’re looking to have your pool table installations taken care of by a team of professional pool table movers. Look no further! We have been working in the billiard service industry for decades and we are the only company in the area that is backed by a national organization.

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Contact us to price a move for any of these used pool tables for sale or sell a pool table for free.

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Browse through our classifieds listings and find the perfect pool table for you. The pool tables for sale listed here are sold directly through the contact seller mentioned in the ad.

Once you find the right pool table do not hesitate to call our professionals to get your free quote for the move

On the other hand, if you are looking to sell a pool table, go ahead and post your ad. Whether you’re sizing down, need to relocate or perhaps are looking to upgrade your current table, we can help you sell a pool table for free by offering this service.

Are you looking to have the felt on your pool table replaced? Here our team of technicians will handle the refelting of your pool table in the most professional way!

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Perhaps you bought a used pool table and are considering the option of pool repair details getting done at the time of installation? You’ve reached the right place!

We are the only company in the area that offers a skilled pool table refelting service that warrants the quality of the felt we provide for a whole year! This service guarantee is issued by a national organization, your protection starts when we complete the job and lasts for a period of 365 consecutive days from then on.

Pool Tables For Sale in Dayton is a courtesy on us. Search and find the perfect billiard table that you can only find with us. When you find a pool table that you may be interested in, we advise that you check out some useful information we put together so that you know what the cost to move a pool table in Dayton is. In case you’re still thinking about moving forward. This information will help you make an informed decision.

In our many years of experience, there have been quite a few pool table moves in which we have found out the room where the pool table was going to be set up in did not have adequate space to actually play the game. When buying a new or a used pool table, make sure to take into consideration the following question. Will it fit in the room? Make sure you know your game room dimensions. This information will help us verify if your table will actually fit in the game room for adequate play.

Our technicians will precisely set, shim, wedge, and level the slates using sensitive leveling equipment to ensure an optimum pool table setup service for the best billiard playing experience. We guarantee a perfectly flat playing surface on all our pool table installations!

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